#004:Reporter confronts Lightfoot on her bid for re-election

A reporter asked Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot during a press conference Tuesday how she could even consider running for re-election after all the “harm” she’s caused. 

Chicago reporter William J. Kelly began by saying the mayor always starts her press conferences by saying that crime is down and the “economy is booming.” Lightfoot said that this wasn’t true and asked him to continue with his question. 

The reporter noted that a police officer was recently struck and injured in a hit-and-run and that Michigan Avenue “is now referred to as the mile of fear.” Michigan Avenue is a popular stretch of the city with entertainment, attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping. 

The mayor said that she “fundamentally” disagreed with Kelly and that she did not want to dignify his comments. He asked a follow-up question about who Lightfoot would be facing in a re-election bid. 

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